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Show day and following:

Prepare your students for success

Distribute to your teachers
Send Family Letter Home
Send 1 day after the show

Pay-It-Forward Details

Review how to run a Smooth and Efficient Sale
Reorder as needed NED Gear Reorder Form
Return unsold items We Pay the Freight
Directly following your 5-10 Day Pay-It-Forward Sale

String Adjusting Student Helpers

String Adjusters: Instructions and Certificate

String Adjusting at Home

String Adjusting Instructions

Family Resources Email

>>>Please copy and paste the text below in an email to your families.<<<

As you know we recently hosted an all school live stream event called The NED Show. We trust your student was encouraged by the show which inspires everyone to become Champions at school and in life!

The NED Show yoyos are still available for purchase to support the free show and message. To purchase one click here. If your student has already purchased a yoyo, here is an important link to help them get off to a good start with proper string length adjustment, click here.

Additionally, here are a couple of our favorite follow up home resources from the Then NED Show website.  You may want to use these with your child as they are designed to go hand in hand with the program.

The NED Pledge
Champion Choices

If you'd like additional resources, they are available here.

And don’t forget to ask your student what they learned in the show about Never giving up, Encouraging others and Doing your best!

Educating together!